Product Enhancements


Die Cast Zinc alloy product that adds depth to the design of your product. Requires more production time than the standard 2D products. Please call to get a quote on pricing.


When placed within the cut–out area of the pin, it can be translucent (like the wings on the character in this pin).


A second custom medal is attached to a larger custom medal. Requires a second mold, design and manufacture. Typical attachment is via a “ring” but danglers can be attached to small jewelry chains. Danglers are used to designate special interest in your tournament, like the year of the tournament, a ball, a glove, your state, your flag, the American flag, and many other possibilities. Most common danglers designate the year of the tournament.

Example: teams can use the same medal design year after year and we can update the dangler each year to represent the current tournament.


Gemstones are adhered to the surface of the medal to enhance the visual effect of the medal.


A second custom medal
(2005 baseball) is allowed to rotate inside of a larger custom medal. Typically spinners come in the shape of bats, but can be in any shape of your imagination. They add extreme value, custom power and dimension to your custom medal in that they attach on top of the medal face and can be spun with the finger above the face of the main medal.


Glitter enamel is added to the colors of your custom medal design. Glitter colors are very popular and add great dimension and sparkle. Glitter is an inexpensive way to make an extremely sought after, highly visible and expensive looking custom medal.


A second medal which is attached with a strong spring to a larger custom medal. They “bobble” when the medal is moved creating an eye catching effect that is different from any other type of custom medal. Bobble heads are typically the head of a uniformed player in the team colors.


Similar to a spinner. But in this case the smaller custom medal holds the larger custom medal against the smaller medal. The medal has more definition as a 3–D medal than the spinner or the slider designs. Thus they add trading value and dimension to your custom medal in that they attach on top of the medal face.


Medal has a lithium battery which powers colored lights that blink when turned on. Blinkers add a high degree of “action” to your custom medal. They are typically used as eyes of a mascot on the medal, but can be used for many different and exciting options of your custom medal design.


A second custom medal is allowed to slide in a slot of a larger medal. Sliders require a “slot” to be cut into the die of the main medal, then the slider medal, which is a custom medal itself, will fit into the slot of the main medal. Sliders are eye appealing and give a sense of action to the medal. Common sliders include; players running a baseline, swinging bats and moving balls.